Internet at sea; with unprecedented speed, Stability, and Low-Latency. Feel like office

AecorLink is a pioneer in high-speed maritime broadband communication hardware. 

AecorLink successfully delivered maritime high-speed broadband communication solutions to many shipping companies through its shore to ship microwave communication solution.


  • Cost effective seamless connectivity (with use of auto-tracking antenna terminals)
  • Data-rate of up to 300 Mbps Shore-to-Vessel
  • Advanced applications integration, including Big Data.
  • Future proof solution → Ability to add future real-time applications
  • Very stable links/connectivity → Availability > 99,99%.
  • Very Low-latency (no delays) → Significantly lower than Satellite latency.
  • Guaranteed S.L.A. during contract period.
  • Optional Captive Portal for “Big Data”
  • Optional attractive backup solutions via satellite fail-over.


  • Offshore Oil and Gas companies (Continuous connection to Oceangoing Tankers, Gas Carriers and Drilling Vessels at Sea)
  • Shipping/Freight Companies
  • Cruises, Ferry operators and Passengers vessels (Provide high-speed internet access to passengers)
  • Private Yacht / Leisure
  • Navy, Cost Guard & Government
  • Emergency Response
  • Ports and Port Authorities
  • Wind farms, fish farms
  • Mobile Operators: extending their services to the last-mile and expand their business into the Maritime world

Why AecroLink?

Because it offers Maritime and Offshore industries, a high-speed connectivity solution, that is well proven under very harsh climatic conditions.

The innovative and market-leading solution consists of long-range patented auto-tracker antennas that are controlled and managed by Aecorlink Smart Cloud Solution for unparalleled range and stability.